DUNE DRIFT a compilation of Tucson music

Image of DUNE DRIFT a compilation of Tucson music


Some of our favorite Tucson bands represented on this limited edition Cassette and CD.


Holyhead - Only One's
Lenguas Largas - Si EsCierto (cassette only), You Might Fall (CD only)
Otherly Love - Aroma
Sutcliffe Catering Co.- Haraam Carnitas
Lori Lechien & Daniel Lutz - I'm So Depressed (Abner Jay)
Algae & Tentacles - Little Body
Dream Sick - Fire in the Field
Womb Tomb - That's Fine
Altrice- Blaze Hub Elite
Stephen Steinbrink- The Punks
Andrew Collberg- Below the Home
Ohioan- No Favorites
Sleep Like Trees - Don't Tug On That You Never Know What it Might Be Attached To
Jess Matsen- Zoe
Young Hunter- Cities of the Black Mesa

Topaz Records. 2013